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Apple iPad Basics

What can I do with my Apple iPad?

The main functions of the Apple iPad are:

1.  FaceTime: This is the Apple iPad video calling feature. It is just like Skype, but the iPad  is more portable than your average webcam and laptop. It is easily  focused on things around you, making the experience much more real for the person you are having the conversation with. However, one small problem exists in that communication can only take place if the other person is on a Mac, iPhone4 etc. If they are using a regular Windows PC, this communiation using FaceTime isn't possible. 

2.  Mail: This is a pretty user-friendly mail application. It makes managing your emails very easy, as well as providing options for saving any photos, emailed to you, directly to your images folders and saving any PDF documents to iBooks, with a simple touch of the screen. 

3.  Browsing: Safari is the default web browser used on the Apple iPad. You must have your internet connection set up before beginning to browse. Once connected the webpages can be viewed in portrait or landscape by rotating the iPad. When you do this the webpage automatically rotates to fit the iPad dispaly screen. There are great zooming and scrolling features on the iPad as well as the ability to have multiple webpages open at once. Switching between open webpages is simple. 

4.  iBooks: with iBooks you can read and buy books. Download the free iBooks app from the App Store, and then get everything from classics to best sellers from the built-in
iBookstore. Once you download a book, it’s displayed on your bookshelf. iTunes is used to download the iBooks and then you just tap on the iBook to start reading. You don't have to remember what page you last finished on either - your iPad will do this for you. 

5.  Videos: You can useyour iPad to view movies, music videos, video podcasts, and, if they’re available in your area, TV shows. iPadsupports special features such as chapters, subtitles,alternate audio, and closed captioning. You can rent or purchase videos from the iTunes Store, and you can use a video adapter cable to watch videos on a TV or projector. 

6.  Photos: The iPad makes managing and sharing your photos easy. iPad supports standard photo formats such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG. You use iTunes to sync photos to your iPad. You can sync photos and videos from your computer, import them from a digital camera or iPhone, or save them from email or the web. Use them in apps, send them in email messages, or upload them to your MobileMe Gallery. You can use your iPad as a digital photo frame that displays an animated slideshow of your images.

7.  iPod: The iPad doubles up as an iPod, even if it is a bit larger. You can browse your music by song, artist, album, genre or composer, just like on your iPod. You can listen to your music, podcasts and audiobooks on your iPad. There are built in speakers or you can attach headphones instead. Music, audiobooks and podcsts can be put on to your iPad through ITunes. Either sync it with your existing ITunes library or log on to the iTunes store and purchase what you need.

8.  iTunes: You can use iTunes to search for, and buy, music, podcasts amd audiobooks. Free downloads are also available. For example, if you want to listen back to a radio programme that you missed and that is available as a podcast, you can search for and download it from iTunes. 

9. AppStore: There are so many apps available now that this can be very overwhelming for new users. Just choose the ones that you think would enhance some aspect of your life and see how it goes. You can add apps to your iPad through the AppStore. 

10. Maps: Your iPad can work like a sat nav if you have the right app for it. Keep in mind that the software is not always up to date in terms of local maps. Do some searching on forums before you decide which app is best for you as a sav nav. 

11. Games: You can use your iPad to play games. Games can be bought and downloaded from the AppStore. Just go on to the AppStore, search for the game you want, pay for it and finally download it. 

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